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Three good reasons for learning about and using concept based curriculum

The reasons behind understanding concept based learning and how to incorporate it into our teaching are becoming increasingly more important for several reasons.


1)    Many of our students come to secondary schools with a background in it.

In our ESF context, all students who come through the IB PYP have been taught within an inquiry framework, using concepts which link together in interdisciplinary units of learning. The IB MYP’s Next Chapter is also moving further towards the concept driven curriculum with the introduction of key concepts within each discipline area needing to be covered by units of learning.

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Where to for CPD?

Yesterday, I held a professional development one day conference for 800 ESF teachers and colleagues from around the region. The theme of the day was ‘Futures Thinking’ and along with a short keynote and plenary, the day comprised one hour workshops that were grouped under 5 broad strands; Learning and Teaching, Learning Technologies, Well-being, Leading Learning, and Enterprise. Ian Gilbert- the educational writer – gave our Keynote and 4 sessions on the day and we also welcomed Stephen De Silva- who was absolutely brilliant by all accounts- and a number of other eternal workshop leaders. In all, 93 members of the ESF community presented workshops, and we had 120 workshops in total.

It leads to the question of… what next?

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