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Action Research as a professional development tool

Today I attended another of our foundation-wide CPD day for all secondary teachers in ESF (all 700 of them) designed with the curriculum group leaders. I led one session with Pam Ryan- the Foundation’s Director of Education- on the subject of Action Research. It is a subject close to my heart because in my mind it is one of the best forms of professional development in education. Being foremost a practitioner, but also now as an academic, action research bridges the gap between the two and provides teachers with a rigorous and structured mechanism to innovate, collaborate and reflect. What is best about research of this kind is that it focuses on classroom practice and improving student outcomes as its key purpose. The next step for our Foundation is to support this learning not just at a personal level, or a school level – where it is starting to be done- but at a Foundation level , where teams of teachers across our secondary schools can meet and learn together.

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