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Personal Branding

Having just attended the Senior Leadership Conference for ESF on the Gold Coast in Hong Kong, I have been reflecting on the Day One keynote address by Virginia Morris (of Bamboo Difference). She focused on the usually corporate notion of personal branding. As a designer of the conference, we in the planning team felt it time to explore this area, and for me, the idea of our online digital presence as well. Virginia took us through how to craft a personal branding statement that encapsulates our values, our strengths and talents and how we utilise these into one memorable, unique and brief statement.

Her key tips are:

1) Consider ‘Who you are’. Ask 3 colleagues to come up with 3 words that encapsulate you. From these words, choose 3 (only) that you feel best capture you. Add up to another 2 to the list of your own choosing.

2) Now move on to ‘What you do’. Think about your key roles in your position and what it is that you fundamentally do in that role. Again, try to distill into key words.

3) Finally, ‘Why do you do what you do’. What is the impact of what you do, what are your key motivations?

Once you have these key words, you can craft them into one statement that encapsulates your ‘personal brand’. To do this, combine who you are, what you do and why you do what you do.

For example, my personal statement is: ‘I inspire and nurture others, with passion and vision, to impact on what matters most in education’.

Make it authentic and make it unique to you. Good luck!