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Fake it till you make it!

Ann Cuddy has done some interesting research on the power of behaviour and how it affects our physiology. She shows how changes in circumstance for an animal can increase testosterone and lower cortisol in animals and gives some great tips for how we can ‘mimic’ success in our lives, until it affects our physiology. Power poses are the answer!

Bold claims, and definitely worth a watch and sharing with our students…

Catering for our Introverts

So much emphasis has been put on catering for the extroverts in our classrooms: we arrange our classrooms into group settings,  we think about ways to get students to collaborate and we reward those who speak up in our classes. Nothing is wrong with this, by the way, but we must spare a thought for the introvert in our classroom. With so much to offer, the introverted child must often adapt themselves to ‘fit’ into the mold of modern schooling. Learn more about the power of  introverts in this great Ted Talk by Susan Cain.