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Motion Leadership by Michael Fullan

Below are the notes that I have taken on the interesting book I read by Fullan on change leadership. It is short and easy to read with digestible chunks of information. Rather than my thoughts on it I have included notes on each of the nine chapters. Overall I think it provides a good starting point in terms of the vision and the stance a leader needs to take if they are to effect significant and lasting change. Enjoy my notes below!

Fullan, Michael 2010- Motion Leadership- The skinny on becoming change savvy

Chapters One and Two

–       change problems come in all shapes and sizes and they are mired in inertia and the goal of all change leaders is to get movement in an improved direction.

–       Case study- Sallyann Stanton. She empathized and listened, then involved the teacher in a task she was good at- small scale effort. Then said she would try out the new changes and take responsibility if they failed and was able to ‘take the fear out of change’.. Building relationships over time and established rapport, then step up the challenges to go further.

–       The work is ‘whole-system reform’ and is focused on getting ‘inside’ movement and thinking about hoe to change the status quo and overcome inertia (not lack of movement but movement that is doing what they are already doing)

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