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Everyday leadership- hear hear!

Everyday leadership

Today I found this great talk by Drew Dudley about everyday leadership where he shows how we need not to try to change that world- but how we should try to change the world around us. He relates an interesting little anecdote that illustrates how powerful an effect we can have on others, without even knowing.

This idea was brought home to me today as I left my job of over 10 years, as a teachers in a secondary school. Students and teachers alike over the past weeks have been sharing how I have impacted their lives and the difference that I have made to them, and in turn I have reflected on how so many of them had changed my life. So when I came across this Ted Talk, it really hit home with me. EVERYONE can make a difference and it is often those random act of kindness, when you take the time to listen to another, to help someone if you can, that show real leadership.