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A new beginning for a great school

I just visited the website for Cornish College in Melbourne, Australia, as it is newly named after breaking from its previous affiliation with St Leonard’s College. A colleague of mine and I visited the school just on one year ago, looking for new, innovative and sustainable education models. This school did not let us down on that score! From the moment we arrived till the time we left in our two day visit we were awed by the students, the staff, the environment and the curriculum. We went into classrooms at ELC, primary and secondary levels, visited the farm on campus, had the children explain the habitat as we walked around the lake, saw interdisciplinary subjects such as ‘What Lifetime, What Learning’,¬† spoke with ‘Scinglish’ teachers (a Year 10 combination subject of English and Science), saw students digging up veges in their vegetable garden and making rhubarb crumble from their school garden plots. All around the school the students’ artwork is proudly displayed: sculptures, drawings, collages, personal¬† garden ‘letterboxes’ and more. As a visitor you know exactly who the most important people in the school are: the students.

Cornish College truly lives up to its name of an award winning school- yet it is the feeling of ‘family’ in the school community and the connectedness of staff with students and them with the surrounds that struck us most.

On this new webpage the curriculum is clearly laid out, with unedited testimonials from parents, students and the community on the education they provide (how many schools would be willing to do this, I wonder?).

If you are at all interested in ‘whole child’ pedagogies, curriculum innovation or sustainability, or in a school that ‘gets it right’ in my opinion, a visit to this site will be well worth your time:

And if you do visit in person, tell them I sent you!